Show if only to user

I had copied the Project Management App from the sample app.

In the status view I want to show the status as per Assigned To. The user should see only the task which they are assigned and i also want two users to see all the task as they are Managers.

To be able to do that on the sample app, you need to do the followings:

  1. Add a new column to the Marketing project plan table to identify the email for the assigned to column, let’s call this as [Email]

  2. Create a slice with row filter condition:

		IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST([Email])),
		IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST("", ""))
  1. Change “By Status” View to point to the new created slice.

I had created the slice, but now it is showing the status of all the assigned email but not showing the “” (i had changed to my managers id)

It’s not clear to me, maybe the manager’s email is not available on the [Email] column?

Would you share a screen shoot of the emulator to clarify what the issue is?

If you did this in the emulator in the app editor, it may be that the emulator’s ability to fully present an alternate email address to the app is buggy. You may do well to contact for help with this problem.


I believe the emulator is buggy regarding using an inputted email address. It has gotten better in the five months I’ve been using it but I have multiple places that reference the USEREMAIL() and pulls info from my USERS table based on that value. It often pulls the value for my record in the USERS table instead of the data associated with the email address showing at the top of the emulator.