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In the app a user can register for a particular board. There are a total of 3 boards that they can register for. I have the following expression AND(CONTAINS([Board] = “C Note”, [Email Address]) = False, CONTAINS([Board] = “Monkey”, [Email Address]) = False, CONTAINS([Board] = “Monkey”, [Email Address]) = False) in the Show_If of the board assignment table. This, however, states: This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available. How should I rewrite this formula to be in the proper context?

Unfortunately, your expression syntax is completely wrong and the use of CONTAINS() expression is not correct as well. What is your table schema? Can you post a screenshot?

Board Assignment Id Gifter Email Address Board
DCC64875-44B3-4DF9-A21B-329BBD12C660 1DA4FEFF-E2E5-4E0C-9B8F-36D7BD3F26A2 C Note
E0D818A2-2E7D-4C49-99E3-C89363282972 1DA4FEFF-E2E5-4E0C-9B8F-36D7BD3F26A2 Monkey
916C264B-8D40-4C10-86E4-97C95F3BD9DE 67E75079-5F11-4EB3-982B-266CA06F104C Le Dame Grande
F3132D1D-B0A1-4059-88F5-BAD20324CFCE 67E75079-5F11-4EB3-982B-266CA06F104C C Note
A20F04E4-4100-43C2-8FC7-096C9C19AC21 67E75079-5F11-4EB3-982B-266CA06F104C Monkey
A4A37564-F683-4645-8462-D8FBE214D5F1 1DA4FEFF-E2E5-4E0C-9B8F-36D7BD3F26A2 Le Dame Grande
3937A212-3294-430A-A2AE-12F92160A864 67E75079-5F11-4EB3-982B-266CA06F104C C Note

I did get assistance from Marc_Dillon

IN( {“C Note”, “Monkey”, “Le Dame Grande”} , SELECT( Board Assignment[Board] , [Gifter].[Email Address] = USEREMAIL() ))= FALSE

What I want to accomplish is 1. only one entry submission for each board and 2. once those conditions are met the whole view disappears.

He answered the second part but I know from excel experience that the first part of my question is based off a CountIf. Looking at your previous responses to others LeventK I know the first question will go into the Valid If section of my dropdown. Am I on the right track?
Is your response to a previous post

SELECT(Production Details[Ingredient], AND([Production Id]=[_THISROW].[Production Id],[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour])) - SELECT(Production RM Verification[Ingredients], AND([Production Id]=[_THISROW].[Production Id],[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour]))```

Do apologize but I couldn’t be able to match your query with the expression you have given and your table above. Can you clarify your issue pls?

I have a drop down that includes the values C Note, Monkey, Le Dame Grande. I want once a user selects the choice it is no longer available to them. The second half of my problem has already been answered. The formula I gave as a reference was one you provided to another appsheet user with the same issue

You can use below expression in your ENUM’s Valid_if

LIST("C Note" , "Monkey" , "Le Dame Grande") - INTERSECT(("C Note" , "Monkey" , "Le Dame Grande"),SELECT(Board Assignment[Board],[Gifter].[Email Address] = USEREMAIL()))
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