Show_if - This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available


i’m trying to make a Show_if so it only will show rows, if a specific column is not equal to Ja (yes)
But i get this error? (The picture shows ISNOTBLANK, but i should be ISBLANK)

The column show is not from the table, i sat for the view but from another table.

Is this a bug or am i missing something?

Is that column in the same table as this ISNOTBLANK formula?

The Show if expression of a view


…is not connected to any particular row. As a result, you cannot use a column reference as you’re trying to do, because there’s no way to know which row’s column you’re referring to.

The Show if setting for a view only affects the view’s inclusion in the main menu or along the navigation row at the bottom of the app screen. It does not hide the row in a list of rows (such as in a card, deck, gallery, or table view).

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