Show_If UX view help

(Travis Sacco) #1

I am trying to limit which users can see certain views. I created a slice and I want to limit which user can see it from the menu view. I went into the view settings for the slice in the UX area and I was trying to use the show_if field but when I try to put a column name in for the table it is referencing it tells me the column can’t be found. The statement I am using is USEREMAIL()=[column_name]. Thank you for the help.

(Steve Coile) #2

The Show if for views are not evaluated in the context of any particular row, so you cannot reference columns directly. Instead, you’ll have to use LOOKUP(), SELECT(), FILTER() or the like to query column values.

Is [column_name] a reference to a column in the slice?

See also: FILTER(), LOOKUP(), SELECT()

(Travis Sacco) #3

I was able to get it to work by using this IN(USEREMAIL(),Tablename[Columnname]). Now it is all working great!

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(Thomas Varghese) #4

I have used to limit view simply by an OR expression ,