Show Image in Microsoft Excel Template/Workbook

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a Save File workflow behaviour that allows users to input Product Catalogue quantities and it outputs an excel sheet with the product and qty in tabular format.

The product image here would be useful but I can only get the URL/Filepath output from the app into the excel file - not the picture of the product.

I have read some material regarding using zapier but it seems to apply to Google Sheets?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

This is what I am getting output at present - the Product Image column - filepath but on the left is the physical image I would like to populate the saved file with.

@Sarah_Keown please view my video for fix you probllem, thanks

Displaying image within cell on Excel is not really easy like Google Sheet, which I mentioned in my previous post.

If we lean on Excel alone rather than external third party tool like zapier, then we need to code VBA, which should not be the most ideal solutions for everyone i suppose.

Else, they could be paid service, but get Excel add on like this.

Depending if you like Add-in/on and ready to pay for.

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I was intially looking into using VBA but appsheet does not support macro enabled worksheets as far as I know?

Let me invite specialist ! @Phil

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