SHOW() images not displaying

Has anyone elses SHOW() columns with images stopped working?

Specifically, I have virtual columns of type SHOW() that reference .png images in a common folder in MSFT OneDrive. These have all worked previously, and have all simultaneously broken.

Other media files in onedrive are still accessible, so I’m inclined to think something has changed on AppSheets end.


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Yep I think so. If you want app users to be able to access files on your GDrive that are not part of the actual app data, then you need to go to Security -> Options and disable the “Require Image and File URL Signing” option.

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Yep that did it. Odd that it seems to only effect my SHOW() columns?

Also odd that it took a whole month for that change to get pushed to my account!


@hugheshilton maybe not so odd that it’s only effecting my SHOW columns then, since the SHOW() columns are the only ones not referencing application data specifically. I suppose a workaround (if I wanted to keep image and URL signing enabled) would be to stick these image references in a readonly table and add it to the app.

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@Jonathon we were very careful rolling out this change as it had the potential to break a lot of people.

I think the Show Column issue is a bug on our side. At least as long as the image file paths in the Show column type definition are relative paths from the location of the table.

You should not need to change anything. Hope to have a fix out on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.