Show items based on dropdown list at app start

Godd afternoon to everyone and thanks for your replies.

I would like to ask you for help because I`m new with this great app. I would like to choose from a dropdown list, that appears at start of the app, an item, and based on my selection I need to show only the items that match with it and, if it is possible, not change the information shown unless I change the selection on the dropdown list.

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @Pablo_Flores. If you want each user to pick their own item from the dropdown list, user settings would be a good place to start:

You could use an Enum column in your user settings for the dropdown. Then, you could create a slice in your app that filters your data based on the user settings. The row filter for your slice would probably look like [Some Column] = USERSETTINGS("Your Enum Column"). You could make the slice (or the underlying table) read only.


Thank you so much for your answer. This solves my problem. I just need to add some filters, but this is the answer. Again, thank you so much.