Show me virtual columns no longer showing on table views

I used to have show me text displayed on table views (see image) -but now it no longer appears outside of detail view or forms. This was very useful. Is there a way to bring it back?

Hi Tammi, can you confirm that you are referring to the field type called “Show” which is for help text alongside your other fields? (before I spend time testing, thanks!)

Yes, virtual column, type = show, category = text

This worked without issue for a long time. The text still shows up in detail view and on the form, but not in the table view.

The show column type isn’t meant for table views, I believe. You should switch to a different column type.

Show-type columns are empty columns in your spreadsheet that serve the sole purpose of improving the presentation of data capture forms.

Interesting, I’ve never seen that work in a table view so I can’t speak to your historical viewpoint.

I was able to get a certain amount of useful mileage out of creating and using a virtual field that serves the same basic purpose, here’s an example:

Because you can order your fields on both table and detail views, you can place this virtual column as you see fit. It will always show in “data column order” in the form view, however.

Hope this helps!

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All I know is it did work for months…

I also recall Show fields working in table views.

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It was so helpful!

Can anyone confirm if this is just a bug? I pulled the app up on my phone and the show col is working there, but not the browser.