Show nearby location makers to users

Hi there, am trying to build my first app with the AppSheet. Like to tap on any experts who can advice on whether it is possible to only make certain location markers (say with 1km) visible to the user of the app?

Added after Steve and Heru had replied :
A follow up question - can a filter be visible while in the map view. From the examples, I see that users can choose different filters in a different tab.

Like to understand if we can allow user to choose specific data set while he/she is in in the Map view. For example, initially he/she looks at all the stores nearby and then decide that to view only those which open 24 hours.

Any advice is welcome and much appreciated. Thanks all…

There are quite many samples apps about locations and gps. You might want to see this sample below and look if it is suitable with your requirements:

or you could also found many samples with key word “location” as below link.

Hope this help.

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I’m guessing this means you’d have a table with rows that include locations, and that you want to display to the user a map that only includes those locations in the table that are within 1 km of the user. Yes, that is possible! You’d want to use a slice of the table with a row filter that includes only rows with locations within 1 km. You’d display the slice with a map view.

See also:

Yes Steve and thanks for your advice. Very helpful.

Great Heru. Examples are always good way to learn :slight_smile: