Show Nested Form to PDF Need update the form

Hello Everyone,

I have a problems with my application on exporting PDF file using workflow from a form with a nested table inside.
I have 2 tables : ORDER (parent) and ITEM (Child)
The workflow that i created is to create a new pdf file when the action is ADD and UPDATE the form.

The problem is, when i input a new data from that form and also input a nested ITEM in that ORDER, and save it, the PDF output is not including the ITEM data. Once i update the form, without changing any data, the ITEM data will be shown on the pdf file.

Can anyone explain, where is the problem? In the workflow or google docs template or somewhere?
Thank you in advance.

Read the document here for the section of

Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children


@tsuji_koichi Thank you for the mentioned article. That’s work perfectly on my pdf right now.
Solution found!