Show only specified time periods per day in calendar view


calendar´s day view displays too much hours causing unnecessary vertical scrolling.

It would be nice being able to set some kind of working hours in order to limit those displayed hours. For example, if a barbershop is open between 8h00 and 18h00 only that range oh hours would appear in the view.

This is a good request. For greater visibility of this request, I think it needs a more description title. Such as:

“Additional setting for calendar views to show only specified time periods per day”

@Steve you can edit thread titles, right?




I to think this is a great request. I’m having a hard time finding where I can adjust the day view option when clicked on from the monthly view. My events start at either 8AM or 2PM and I’d like to be able adjust the times when clicking so I can see the data and not just a colored block forcing me to scroll up or down to find the data.

yes i need it me too

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