Show or hide columns depending on current view

I checked CONTEXT() and SHOW_IF() resources, but unable to understand or find an example for my case.

I have few hidden columns, that I want to show only in specific views.

For example:
View1 = hide column1
View2 = show column1

How do I combine CONTEXT() and SHOW_IF to show/hide columns, depending on the current view?

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Thank you, I found your post. This is exactly what I needed:

To hide a column in all views except forms, set the column’s Show_If to:

CONTEXT("ViewType") = "form"

To hide the column only in form views:

CONTEXT("ViewType") <> "form"

To show only in select specific views but hide in all others:

IN(CONTEXT("View"), LIST("MyTable_Form", "MyTable_Detail"))

Note the use of "View" versus "ViewType" with CONTEXT() in the above.