Show PDF Thumbnails when using Folder as a Table

We can add a Google Drive folder as a data source. See this Post.

I thought it would be cool to have the PDF’s thumbnail like we have in Google Drive.

We can do this in AppSheet with Card View and XY column Type.
It will look like this:

Here is how to do it:

  1. Add your Google Drive folder as a new data source with “Documents on Google Drive”. This will generate a virtual table inside your App. In my case I called the table “Formulare”.

  2. Add 3 Virtual Columns to the new created table:

  • image

  • image
    By setting the XY values, you can define which part of the document will be centered. For A4 I found XY(38,19) is good.

  1. Create a Card View
    I use LARGE.
    Column [Title] for the Title.
    Column [Ref_Rows] for the image.
    On click: Open File (File)

  2. Create a Map View
    Position: Ref
    Map column: XY

  3. Hide the XY Map Pin

  • If you don’t use any other map view in your app, you can go to UX > Options > Map View and set the Map pin limit to 0.
  • If you use other map views, you can use a format rule to make the XY map pin transparent.
    Format these columns and actions: XY
    Highlight color: #0000