Show prefilled form

Hi all!
I want to use LINKTOFORM() expression with prefilled data from SELECT()

Something like:

LINKTOFORM(“Some_Form”, “Name”, [Name], “Phone”, [Phone],…n)

I’ve been using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() but I need to add custom fields from other view

Maybe I can somehow to set temp variable with data from SELECT() and pass it to the LINKTOFORM()

temp = SELECT( Table[Name], [Name] = [_THISROW].[Name])

LINKTOFORM(“Some_Form”, “Name”, temp.[Name], “Phone”, temp.[Phone],…n)

There is no variable storing of that nature in AppSheet; but there are ways.

UserSettings can be used as a place to store variables like this.
You can also use Slices to accomplish the “holding of variable info” - I typically have a Current_User slice that pulls the user record that matches USEREMAIL() of whoever is using the app; this way I have their user data on tap. Any(Current_User[User_Email]), Any(Current_User[UserID]), etc.

If you’re wanting to pull information and show it on another table - you might consider using a virtual column.


DO you have a sample app showing how you and populate the User Table slice with your current user data? Do you then have to delete that data when you exit the app?
I have a User table I need to pull data out of for the current user but keep getting all users from the user table. I think your method might solve some of my problems.

Also does this method work if you have multiple users using the app at the same time? Could the current user data get messed up? Or do you use a private table or some other method to prevent this?