Show prefilled form

Hi all!
I want to use LINKTOFORM() expression with prefilled data from SELECT()

Something like:

LINKTOFORM(“Some_Form”, “Name”, [Name], “Phone”, [Phone],…n)

I’ve been using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() but I need to add custom fields from other view

Maybe I can somehow to set temp variable with data from SELECT() and pass it to the LINKTOFORM()

temp = SELECT( Table[Name], [Name] = [_THISROW].[Name])

LINKTOFORM(“Some_Form”, “Name”, temp.[Name], “Phone”, temp.[Phone],…n)

There is no variable storing of that nature in AppSheet; but there are ways.

UserSettings can be used as a place to store variables like this.
You can also use Slices to accomplish the “holding of variable info” - I typically have a Current_User slice that pulls the user record that matches USEREMAIL() of whoever is using the app; this way I have their user data on tap. Any(Current_User[User_Email]), Any(Current_User[UserID]), etc.

If you’re wanting to pull information and show it on another table - you might consider using a virtual column.