Show Primary View only with certain Menu Views


I have 4 primary views, lets say A, B, C and D. And 2 Menu views (X and Y).
But I want my primary view A, ONLY to show when I am inside de X Menu View.
I’ve been trying this for hours, could somebody please help?

Thank you

If I have understood your requirement correctly, in the Show_if setting of the view A, you could have an expression something like

OR( CONTEXT(“View”)=“X”, CONTEXT(“View”)=“A”)


That works great! Thank you so much!!
Now that I have tested it, when I click another primary view that is inside the X Menu View, the A view disappears. How can I avoid that?
So I want the A view to still appear even when I click on another primary view that is Inside the X menu view. I hope I’m being clear enough. Thank you

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Could you elaborate this statement. In general, please include whatever views you wish the A view to be available , need to be included in the context expression.

So your expression could be something like

OR( CONTEXT(“View”)=“X”, CONTEXT(“View”)=“A”,CONTEXT(“View”)=“B” )

So, I would like the A view to be shown when I am inside the X Menu View and also when I am inside the primary views B and C.

OR( CONTEXT(“View”)=“X”, CONTEXT(“View”)=“A”,CONTEXT(“View”)=“B” , CONTEXT(“View”)=“C”)


I think I’m inputting it wrong, it didn’t work.

Could you update in what way it did not work? Also could you share the expression, if feasible? At times , syntax is important. Please observe double quotes , exact view names etc. in the expression. Also you may have to try around with AND(), OR() as necessary. Basic idea is to use CONTEXT() function.

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I copied and pasted the formula and just changed the names, I also tried with AND.
When I input the formula, the green check mark appears so it is correct, but once I go back to the app, there is no difference, even when I’ve saved it.
I’ll try to explain differently, maybe the problem is I’m not being clear.

I have four Primary Views: A, B, C and D.
Then I have two Menu Views: X and Y.

View A and B are inside Menu View X.
View C and D are Inside Menu View Y.

With the first formula, A appears when I click on X View. But once I click the B View, it disappears, which I don’t want to happen.
I want A to still be visible when I click on B.

Could you update what formula you are referring to when you mention the first formula?

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Yes, with first formula I mean:

OR( CONTEXT(“View”)=“X”, CONTEXT(“View”)=“A”)

Did you try


Yes, I tried it about 40 minutes ago, I just tried it again a minute ago and it worked.
I don’t know if I was doing something wrong before or if it was some other failure, but it is working now.
Thank you very much!! Really appreciate it!


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Thank you very much!!

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