Show REF_ROW options that meets conditions for user to choose

Situation: I have a data table called “Information” with a column to define the Projects’ key to refer, to what project that information topic in that row belongs to. These information will be related to each other using a column call “Related From” in the same table using column type “ref” to refer to the table itself.

Problem: One thing that happen is that when users create new information and trying to specify to relate the Topic, they will have a list of information topics from all projects to choose from. How can I filter that to so that the user can only see the information topics from the same Project.


GOT IT!! Thank you!

I always been wondering where to put those FILTER() Select() code.

Here is what I did and what I learned

I put code below in the valid_if box

SELECT(My Information[Key],[Larger Topic].[Project Name]=[_THISROW].[Project Name])

** should use “Key” not collumn to be shown

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