Show reference of different columns in one list

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unfortunately, my last question could not be answered, so I try it again more detailed.

I have an app for applying chemicals on different fields. Master for this is the Planting reference. This reference is added manually and everything works just fine.

Now I want can add the spraying data with a different view. The spraying data effects more than one planting reference. So, I can select out of the list, which ones are affected of each spraying process.

Now my goal is to see, when I click on the reference, what chemicals I added. To do this I split the List of the planting references in the spraying data slice to different columns and reference them back to the Planting reference. Problem is that you have 10 different virtual reference tables in the Planting Reference view now.

Is it possible that all related Spraying Data’s of all Colum’s appear in one List?

Here is the app if you want to have a look.

Looking forward for an answer.


I apologize!! I reached out to help and then didn’t follow-up on your other post.

I took another stab to launch the app. I can now launch it but it seems you are requiring User Login. If you have a test user account I can login with I’ll give it another go. OR if you’d rather add my email: and I’ll take a look ASAP!

Hi @Kaimaifresh. I got your invite to the app today. I’ll take a look and see if I can help!!

@Kaimaifresh Ok, I’ve played with this there is a simple solution. Instead of all the Ref ID columns that are attempting to split the list to find the Planting Reference, you can use the CONTAINS() function in a single Virtual Column.

NOTE: In my sample app I have an ID column and a Code column. I prefer to always have a dataless unique key value for each row. I could have used with ID or the Code to link the rows. I chose ID.

Column Definition of the Related Sprayings column

Full expression used in the Related Sprayings column

Resulting list in my little sample app

I hope this is easy to follow and makes sense. Just re-post if anything is unclear.

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Hey John,
Thanks for everything it works fine.