Show text instead of URL icon on table view

Hi community,

I have a question related to URL. I searched in topics but couldn’t find something helpful. I have 2 column having type URL on table view. I cannot distinguish them from icon.

This is the hyperlink i use for one of them

HYPERLINK(“”&[Aliexpress Id], “Aliexpress”)

How can show text (Aliexpress) instead of icon? Or make column header visible for these columns? I checked columns the article Effective Use of Column Headers and there says column header is not available for type URL

Thank you

I did tried also to show text, but I end-up prefer to use a navigation action instead.

For your case, perhaps use this:

	    ENCODEURL([Aliexpress Id]),

Thank you for this solution. I will try

What is type of column in this case? Still URL or something else?

URL type. The “Aliexpress” should then be clickable, but you need to further check if what shown in the emulator will be the same with handphone, etc. You might also do some-kind of formatting, which I didn’t do, that is why I prefer to use a navigation action.

In detail view, the text is clickable. Thank you for this.

But on table view, still just URL icon is shown :frowning:

If not possible, i will give up and just show Aliexpress ID

It’s one additional reasons for me to just use navigation action.