Show the next column based on input from previous

Hello simple question here. I think that I just do not know the terms because I cant find it and it seems quite simple. so here it goes.

I have a column of products ex: banana,strawberry and appple. the second column is their price. What i want to do is to show the price of the product once it has been selected.

Do you want to show the price in a detail view or form view?

form view

as he is inputing data once selected is shows the price depending on the item selected. if the item is changed the price will change.

You have a couple of options.

Option1: is to add an “app formula” under the autocomplete section of the price column attributes. The formula can use the lookup() function to retrieve the price.

Option2: if you don’t need to store the price in a table you can do the same with a virtual column instead.

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so it is not as easy as i thought. I was thinking he could just reference to the same line of the next column.