Show Type Columns in Table View

Has someone tested a Show type column in table view?
For me it’s not working. Maybe someone knows a workaround?
(I want to use an SVG Image)

I believe there are no workaround with the Show field. You would need to use either normal or virtual image column for that purpose.


This is from my app:

Both the “App formula” and the “Content” produce the following:

And the view looks like this:


Perhaps you need to add the same concatenate formula that you have in “Content” to “App formula.”

Thank you Kirk. Could you please try if it shows up also in a table view?

Sorry. I wasn’t reading carefully enough. I couldn’t get it to work in a table view either. I think @Aleksi is right. But, I think you could have two different columns – an image column for the table and the show column for the detail view and give them both the same URL. Then, the image column could be included in the table but not in the associated detail and vice versa – I think.

The image column for table view / show column for detail view strategy seems to work:

11 19

Now I think I see the problem:

Since you’re dealing with SVG, I don’t think my solution will work for you. :frowning:

The main reason I want to use SHOW Type is, that AppSheet would not write data to the sheet. If you use IMAGE Type, it will always write data to the sheet. I want to reduce that.

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I see. In my case, I use images on my server that are read only, and which I don’t replace often. So, I guess my situation is different from yours.

Good luck! I hope you can find a good solution. :slight_smile:

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