Show type inquiry

Some time ago, the Show type allowed for you to display any amount of static text to help guide the app user with direction, advise, suggestions, etc. However, it now seems that the amount of text that can be displayed is limited to only a very small amount. Can anyone provide guidance on how I can provide a text section to show text to the app user that isn’t constrained to a very limited number of characters?

*Disclaimer, I haven’t been around doing any development and construction with AppSheet in the past one year plus. I just learned that all of my content that was in the Google Community has been purged. It appears that there have been many changes to the platform with alot of edits and tweaks to what I was used to.

How long string are you looking for?

Several sentences.

Use multiple Show columns?

I’m not following…is that a suggestion or a question? Thanks much.

If 1 column doesn’t have enough text capacity for the text you want to display, use more than one.

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What category of Show column are you using?