Show user settings view within dashboard

I wish to make it possible to select user settings as one of element to show within dashboard view.

I like this idea,

Why not just implement a User Table?

you wont be able to change settings from this table.

I do have user tables for my various app to control user level settings but honestly it is not ideal. I posted several feature requests to introduce new feature to let the app creator easily access to app user white list. I don’t want to duplicate jobs manually to add user email to white list and the then go to user table to do the same . Enough is enough.
I ve requested to create a sort of virtual table within app where the virtual column do have a white listed user emails automatically as well as user role . Likewise other normal table, user can add virtual column to add custom flags to this virtual user table . This will avoid duplicate job as we make sure table always have the valid list of users. I always forget to refresh the user table when I add or change the white list… Thai causes another issue.

Anyway here is not a topic about the user table, but it is bit linked.

The problematic process is we don’t have direct control over the settings from dashboard view. User need to go to menu and hit setting and change setting . Then sync.

This is too much.

If we can place the setting as one of element of dashboard then this user just change something on user setting from dashboard and App starts to sync to refresh views. Easy and can make sure all the views within dashboard is displaying the latest date based on user settings.

If we place the physical and normal user table, it won’t solve the problem.
Change one of value in the user setting, then app will not sync. The view might showing sill not affecting such a user setting changes .

I think it could be easy fix to show user setting to dashboard, and this will be found useful by many users as well to give a single user level experience over the dashboard.

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The problem with making ANY changes to the UserSettings is that it requires the app to sync again.

So even if there was a quick way of changing something, the app still needs to re-sync again to gather all the right info.

That’s the reason I’ve phased out nearly all UserSettings systems from my apps, instead favoring the creation of a User table that holds a space for spcific user control variablles.

The downside here is that, yes, you have to manage the user table list itself - it’s not tied to the white list from AppSheet - so there is that downside.

It requires you to be clever at times, not using UserSettings and instead creating your own system, but it’s worked out really well for me.

Now perhaps if changing something in usersettings didn’t require a complete re-sync of the app, then this would be totally worth it. But in the past when we’ve requested this, the answer was “No, because you need to re-sync after you change anything.”

Hi Matt

Yes, there is pros/cons employing usersettings, or custom user table. It is case by case. But the background reason of my feature request here is I need to let the app to re-sync to refresh the entire view. For some cases, I wish to let the users to control usersetting from the dashboard. Currently it is not an option for us to place usersettting (i would say usersetting view is kinds of form view) for now.

Yes, when i dont want to app to resync with a change in value, I m employing the user setting table like you do.

So the use case is different.

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