Show view table according to status in the second table

I have created an app for request items for repair spares. I have a Table View for the table named REQUEST. I don’t want to show the request which are “FINISHED”.

The “FINISHED” [STATUS] column is in the next table ITEMS. There is also a ref column in the ITEMS table.
Is it possible that I can show only all the request other than “finished” of the REQUEST table.

Dear Steve,

Is there any other way to do this instead of using SLICE as there are total 3 table and main table which is the REQUEST table VIEW has ref views of the other two table. ( I have related reference view of the second table column and third column)
Is it possible to get the ref view (related reference view) or (the virtual column views ) below the SLICE VIEW.

What I am really stuck with is that i want to give a filter condition FOR VIEW in the FIRST TABLE which is "REQUEST TABLE according to the status level in the SECOND TABLE which is “STATUS COLUMN”

IS it possible to do so

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you want to do. :frowning:

Dear Steve,

Is it possible to get related view if i apply slices. If so can you help me understand to do so