Show XY column in map view but hide it in detail view

I want to show a XY column in map view and in form view. But I want to hide it in detail view.

This is possible with the expression

But: When you click on a XY Pin on Tablet or PC, the detail view will pop up on the side of the map. And since I’m still in map view, the XY column will show up in the pop up detail view.

The only solution I found to hide the XY column in detail view, is to set the Column order in the detail view. I mean: Add all columns beside the xy column.

But maybe somebody knows a better solution?

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I know what you mean, actually I want to achieve what you want.
However, it appears to be logically impossible for the moment.

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Have the column’s list reference a slice?

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Sorry @Steve I don’t understand what you mean.