ShowIF condition based on USERSETTINGS() value

What’s wrong with these two? None work. (ShowIF condition for a view)



Have you used the Test feature in Expression Assistant to test your expressions?

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The expressions work but the problem seems to be somewhere else.

I am also trying to have the same thing as a security filter and something doesn’t add up.

2 tables:

Users with Security Filter

  • USERSETTINGS(Code)=“admin”

Checks with Security Filter

  • IN(USERSETTINGS(Code),Users[Code])


Users (Deck) ShowIF

  • USERSETTINGS(Code)=“admin”

Checks (Form) ShowIF

  • IN(USERSETTINGS(Code),Users[Code])

admin is added in the Users table so can see Checks

The Security Filter on Users table, somehow, blocks all from any other use other than admin.

I am still playing with it to see what is it that I am missing.
If it’s not an obvious mistake, I will come back with an update.

The question is:

Why is the security filter on Users table hiding the Checks view from any other users?

A view’s Show if setting does not prevent the app user from seeing the view. Instead, it merely hides the view in the navigation menus: the main menu in the upper left corner, and the navigation bar along the bottom of the screen.


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Can’t see anything in there that relates to my problem.

I know it doesn’t litterally hiding the view.

How or why is Users table security filter hiding the Check view button from the bottom bar?

Without it I am getting the expected behavior

Please post a screenshot demonstrating the problem. Please also post screenshots of the affected views’ complete Show if expressions.

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on my way to work. will do in the morning.

Have you noticed any issues with Start View?

Start with about or changing the view seems to have no effect. Mine still starts with the same Check Form.

Check Form is the first view created by the appsheet when I created the app, Checks being the first table added.

Thanks for your help

misread the time. I’ve got one hour left. Will post in a bit

Check a video here:

Screenshots only.

Security Filters:

Users View ShowIF

Check View ShowIF:


with the security filter on User table and User code:

without security filter on User table and User code:

With admin code, Check is visible in both scenarios.

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This is indeed odd! I have no explanation. :frowning: Please contact for help with this.

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