Showif enumlist


I am a beginner.
I have a column named as CLINICAL PRESENTATION which is ENUMLIST with 15 different options which could definately have more than one values selected.

For an examle, i have a option named as fever in ENUMLIST of CLINICAL PRESENTATION.

Now i have a other column named FEVER which is number type.I want to show this column in the form if FEVER is one of the selected options in CLINICAL PRESENTATION irrespective of other options selected.

Please help

You can simply try with this:

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Thank You So Much Man…Thanks A Lot…

You’re welcome…

@LeventK, I’m seriously stuck with getting enumlist and show_if to work. Basics…

Enumlist with 5 options. All, one, or some variation of the options can be selected, hence enumlist. However, two or three of those 5 options, if selected, will drive the following question to populate asking for text input.

I’ve tried what you listed here, as well as some other expressions that I’m recalling from the past (2+ years) when I was really deep in building out apps for a company.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing to have it error out? Thank you!