ShowIf not available in _Inline view

I have a dashboard view with two two views embedded. I managed to hide one view using this formula:

ISNOTBLANK(Lookup(USEREMAIL(),“Hunter_info”,“Hunter_ID”,“Zipcode”])) in the ShowIf field in the Display section of that view. However I can’t find the ShowIf field in the other view. It’s an _Inline view of type: table. What am I missing?

My aim is to have a dashboard view but only show the 2 other views when the user completes a user form. I have an action button on the primary dashboard view that prompts the user to complete the form, thus opening up the other views. Thoughts?

Are your system views showing?

Yes. The _Inline view i’m referring to is a system view. And its being shown.

ShowIf is not available in the Display area as expected.

System generated views do not get the Show If option, I assume as some sort of fallback measure to ensure data always has some sort of view associated in case you never create manual versions.

You can create a copy of the system inline view, make it a ref type - which will overrule/supersede the system view - and the Show_if will be appearing for the new view.

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The inline views can also be controlled with the Related Rows virtual column unless you are directly using them.