Showing a data value in a dropdown by other reference column

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Sorry for poor english, i will try to ask it most clear as possible.

I am begginer and learning AppSheet by making a simple inventory Manager. For this, i have 2 main tables: Itens and Inventary, as some experts can figure out it.
But i have a Third table named Classes. I use this to criate diferent categories for my itens stock. Following the instructions manual, i made a ref column named [Classe] on Itens Table calling a [Classe] Column in the Classes table like you can see below:

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Like you can see, in Classes Table I’ve criated a column to tip the description of each class, and other to tip theirs initials . It’s is just because i concept the app design like this way.

Problem is

In App interface, i would like to allow users to add new categories if they want.
But on Classes form View , values appear necessarily as the same column referenced.

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I want the values from the drop list appear referenced by their complete name and not by the initials. BUT i wish data on itens table has being registered by inicials and not by complete classe name. How do i do this?

Solution of my own question understood while i ask it:

Is because this question we use labels. The solucion to this problem is just set the Column [DescClasse] as the label of the table.

Thank all for read the question that i solve by myself
:rofl: (i think it can be useful for others)

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