Showing a Ref Column's Detailed View for each item in the master table


I have a table named WORK which has two Ref Columns named OP_UID & PO_UID respectively. Each one is a reference to a row from a different table. Now in my WORK table’s view in the UX tab, it shows each item in the work table as expected by showing some of the column values in the primary and secondary header and clicking on an item reveals the rest of the columns. You can also click on an action that takes you to the referenced row’s details view of the respective table.

My client has asked me to directly show the referenced rows (all their info) of those two different tables (pointed to by OP_UID & PO_UID) in the WORK View. Is that somehow possible?

Yes, you can combine multiple views into a Dashboard View, and turn on ‘Interactive mode’, so that selecting a record in one section will update the other views.


Hi and thanks for the answer! The thing here is that the WORK table is used in a Dashboard view already but still the client wants to be able to view each WORK table’s row details as if you were in the referenced table. Am i missing something here?

Remove the related records (inline view) from your detail view. They should be their own table view, added separately to the list of views for the dashboard.

The Dashboard list should look something like:

  • WORK_TableView
  • WORK_DetailView
  • OP_UID_TableView
  • PO_UID_TableView
  • – and detail views for PO/OP if you want them.

Make sure you turn on Interactive Mode for the dashboard.

Selecting a record in WORK_TableView should update WORK_DetailView and filter the two child tables.


Hi and thanks for the reply. I’m implementing what you just mentioned but i think i only need the WORK_TableView and the detail views for PO/OP items since the client wants to simply select a work item and then view the ref’s details in another panel. The thing is that, if no work item is selected, the OP & PO detail views still show some random (i guess?) item’s details. Is there a way to show nothing if no item is selected? Furthermore, i noticed that although some work table entries have no PO_UID value (since they have an OP_UID one) , when selected, a PO item’s details are shown in the PO panel along with the correct OP panel’s item. Is that a possible issue with the unique ids matching?

Yes, I have noticed that, as well. There’s no direct way to hide the detail view until a row is selected, but you could experiment with the view’s Show_If condition and use a button to set a value in the parent record that shows/hides the detail view.

I’m not sure if this is a dashboard bug or a problem with your relationship/key values. Again, you may want to try using the Show_If condition for that view.

I’m trying to use a Show_If on the PO_Details custom view but despite the WORK table having only OP items (that means that their PO columns are empty) the PO View is still shown. Any ideas on that?
Here’s the expression:


Try basing the Show_If on a count of the child records, and hide when it equals zero.

Show_If: COUNT([Related POs])>0