Showing action always but showing error if invalid

Hi All

I would like to show a button of “Approve Inspection” to the user all the time.
In order to approve such inspection some details should be populated first.
Let’s assume these details are Inspection Date and Signature for example.

If the user presses the button while these are not provided, an error should appear and indicate that one or more of these details are missing.

Is there a simple way to implement this?

I tried using the Action option while setting a condition for “Only if this condition is true”.
But this means that the button will show only when everything is done perfectly by the user.
If not, he won’t see the button at all and then the user might wonder on the reason he can’t see that button, without the app giving him any clue on the reason.

You might be able to do something like below to guide the users (step-by-step):

Some of the action is just to show a kind of guidance steps and the validity is being arranged as such so that it will only shown if the condition is true.

For the button Detail-is-blank:

Do-This: Grouped: Execute a sequence of Actions
Action: NONE


And only show the actual action after all of the predecessors are completed.


Thank you so much for this trick.

I went with a slightly different approach inspired by your reply as many fields are needed for some actions to be allowed. I don’t want to create an action for each missing field.

So for each action, I simply created a “parallel” action that will show up when the original action is not allowed (kind of inverted condition).
Like you did, the Do this is set to “Grouped: execute a sequence of action” but Actions is empty => nothing happens except showing the confirmation message.

The confirmation message on them will explain why they are not possible.

I named the action for example: “Accept not allowed”.

The only problem is that the confirmation message still shows shows 2 options which are “No” and “Accept not allowed”. both of these two options are a bit misleading… But I guess we can live with it.

If anyone has a better approach, please suggest :slight_smile: