Showing an Image from a Ref Table in a Report

I’m trying to get a ref value (image) from another table for my report template.

[Data Structure]

Slice (used to build the report - I’m slicing only the values that we need: weekly classes given)

  • sessionID
  • trainerID
  • sessionName,
  • Worksite
  • etc

Worksite (1:1 relationship. Worksite table has a signature image)

  • worksiteID
  • sessionID
  • clientSignature
  • etc


I’m trying to show the clientSignature field into my report using the following expression:

<<SELECT(Client Site Authorisation when on Site[clientSignature], ([sessionID] = [_THISROW-1].[sessionID]))>>

I have used similar expressions to get other column information from the same table:


<<SELECT(Client Site Authorisation when on Site[clientFullName], ([sessionID] = [_THISROW-1].[sessionID]))>>

However this is what I get in the report:

Report Definition

Report Output

Which is pretty much the path on where the image is stored but not the image itself.

I have another signatures in the Session table as well but they are showing without issue in the report.


Any idea what the expression might be missing?


SELECT returns a List type, not an Image. Try to wrap it in ANY()?