Showing app in iframe in Brave browser

This may be more compatibility than a bug. I have a form to be completed by members of the public and I am displaying it in an iframe on our website.

It works fine on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. However, with the Brave browser, the app doesn’t load and it displays the error message “Cannot read property ‘removeItem’ of null”.

This is not a massive problem as not many people are using the Brave browser. However, as it is based on Chrome, I thought I would mention it. I guess it might have to do with Brave being very big on privacy.

I have only tested on Linux (Manjaro and Mint) so not sure if Windows or Mac are different.

While it is good for others here to know about this issue, I suspect the problem might actually be within the Brave Browser itself. I would recommend to reach out to that community (since its open source there is likely a forum you can post your issue into). You may find that there is some additional coding you need to include for Brave Browser to make the iFrame work.