Showing bookings of resources in calendar + soon to be free properties

Hi there

I’m developing an app that should manage the booking of a definite number of resources (20-30). These resources can be rooms in a small hotel for example.
The aim of the business is to have these resources booked on as many days as possible.

I did see the Item Reservation sample app when I googled this (it didn’t come in the search inside the sample apps list though-FYI), and learned from it how to prevent double booking.
But I need two additional features:

  1. ability to show these resources on a Gantt-style calendar. Meaning that I need each resource to have a “line” in the calendar. How can this be done?
    I did use the calendar view to show the bookings and set the resource id as the category, but only resources having actual bookings would show up. I need the calendar to show all resources, when those without bookings…
    I thought of a workaround of running a scheduled report that would add a “fake” booking for yesterday if the property wasn’t booked then…
    Any other idea?

  2. There is a need to have a view/report to alert the user about any resource that will be/is free in the coming 2 weeks so that the user could focus more on marketing them.
    Any idea how this could be done from queries perspective? “Find all resources that will have 1 free day at least in the coming 14 days”

Thanks a million

It is possible to have such a view:


Thank you for the reply.
I would appreciate if you could elaborate on:
What type of view is it?
How can it be implemented?

It is a table view with single letter code for Available, Unavailable, Checking in, checking out etc. for each day. Format rules specify different icon and color for each code/value. The table is auto populated from an external database in my case.


Thank you for this insightful idea.
I now understand the idea of being populated externally and I managed to implement something similar now.
It’s amazing how many “workaround” I had to do for this :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s a pity that there is no option to show the icon without text/

Thanks a million again!

Glad to know you figured out a solution despite the workarounds :slightly_smiling_face:

can share with me that Reservation sample app, pls