Showing column in detail view based on action

I have an action change the value of a particular column, say COL1 to something.

There are three columns that will be shown if the value of COL1 is changed to that something.

For now, the three columns dont show up in the detail view if the action button is pressed.

Is there any way around this?

What are those column types? are they a Show type?

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No, a date, a time and an address

Are you using delayed sync?

Let me tell you my motive. That might help workarounds.

Theres a status column, with 4 enum values - draft, booked, lost, contacted.

When the entry is recorded, the status is draft.

After a certain procedure, that ‘draft’ is changed to ‘booked’, and the app user needs to enter the booking details - date, time, place.

An envisioning would be to have a pop-up with those three fields, which pops up when the action button is pressed, and they are filled with data and saved.

But since appsheet doesn’t have that provision yet, I was trying to do that using quick edit columns. But thats going to work only when the columns show up.


What I tried is I made a slice from the table that holds all those, with columns key, status, date, time, place.

I defined an action that links to the form of that slice, with status = “Booked”, and Key = [_THISROW]

When I enter the details of time, date and place and try to save, the message 'theres already a row with key . . . ’ shows up. Which I thought and found to be justifiable because when I’m navigating to that form, it is actually attempting to add another row, rather than editing that row.

You should be using LINKTOROW() expression in your action:
LINKTOFORM() is to add a new record, LINKTOROW() is for editing an existing record


If you’re using delayed sync and updating columns values with action and you have a Show_if condition on some columns to show up after a value change, you need to “hard sync” the app to see those columns. Background syncing does not compute conditional expressions instantly.

Thank you. This worked specifically to my purpose.

The other suggestion using sync has also worked, though I will not use it.

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