Showing columns in edit mode only

Is there a way to show a column in edit mode only? And vise versa, is there a way to show a column in non-edit mode only?

Define “edit mode”, please.

When you click on an action that takes you into a form that edits the current row.

So in a form.

There are several ways to control whether a column is visible in a form. The easiest is to use a Show_If column constraint (an expression for the Show? property of the column):

A Show? expression of (CONTEXT("ViewType") = "Form") will cause the column to only appear in the form view. The expression, (CONTEXT("ViewType") <> "Form"), will prevent the column from appearing in a form view.

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Simple enough. Thank you.

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I’m using the equation CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = (“Detail”) as instructed but it’s not hiding the column when it’s in Form View. It’s a virtual column. Could that cause issues?

I gave no such instruction. CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = (“Detail”) will only be TRUE when the view type is Detail. Why would you think this would also be true in a form view?

To revisit my suggestion:


You are correct, you gave no such instructions. However, with a different column, I used the equation, (CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Form”), but it still appears in the Detail view.

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Please post a screenshot of the complete Show_If expression, and a screenshot of the view in which the column is displayed improperly.

In this one screenshot you can see both the Show_If expression and the detail view to the right. The column we are working with is Lat.

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