Showing date range from week number

Hello. I have a question: How can i show the date range from the month when i input its weeknumber?

Ex: When i input WEEK 2 on “SEMANA”, i want to show the Date Range for the specific days for the week 2 of that month.

How can i do that?

Still need help, please!

Perhaps you can describe how your yourself would determine the dates from a week number, then we can figure how to translate that into something the app could do.

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Hi Steve! Thanks for the answer.

Example: I enter the month JUNE on the field MONTH.

Then i enter the week: 1 ( first week of june ).

Then the DATA RANGE will appear 06/01/2021 - 05/07/2021.

Week 1 of june… date
Week 2 of june … 06/07/2021 - 06/11/2021.

Idk if i explained in an understable way.

So the first week of any given month starts on the first day of that month? That would mean the weeks of the month don’t always start on Sunday or Monday.

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Yes, consider the first day of the month, its not a problem if the month starts on the weekend.

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You’ll need an additional column to calculate the first date of the chosen week, with an App formula like this:

        "January", 1,
        "February", 2,
        "December", 12,
  + (([Week] - 1) * 7)

Replacing Month with the column that contains the chosen month name, and Week with the column that contains the chosen week number. Also replace ... with the appropriate lines for the other months.


Thank you!

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