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I have parent table(Discrepancy) and two related list of child tables.
child list table1 =Related Discrepancy Country
child list table2 =Related Parcels Issues
My question is : In table parent(Discrepancy) one column(Department) type Enum if I click on the value TD it only shows Related Discrepancy Country list and if I click on the value Parcel it only shows Related Parcels Issues list.
Please advise how I can do that.

Please find below screenshots
Thank you for your help

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I was having the same question but no one answer with a clear answer all will send this link and this link not clear

if anyone knows the answer to applying a short video it’s better.

show_if =

[column] = "X"


I tried all expression no one working.

Please find more information below

Please more advice


Your expression is saying, in plain English:

show the column "Related Parcels Issues"", 
if the column "Related Parcels Issues" is equal to "PARCEL"

That’s certainly not what you described as wanting in your first post.

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Thank you for your help I find out my mistake