Showing more columns when from a Dependent Dropdown

I have two tables.
Table1) Antraege_IT-Systeme (where all the information of the request will be saved)
Column: NAME: “IT-System”/ TYPE: Text/ Valid if=Rollen_u_CSOD_Gruppen[IT-System]
Column: NAME: “Rolle”/ TYPE: Text/ Valid if=Rollen_u_CSOD_Gruppen[Rolle]
Column: NAME: “Gruppe in CSOD”/ TYPE: Text

Table2) Rollen_u_CSOD_Gruppen
Column: NAME: “IT-System” TYPE: Text
Column: NAME: “Rolle” TYPE: Text
Column: NAME “Gruppe in CSOD”

The Dependent Dropdown in Table1 are working fine so far. In the form I can select the IT-System and then the Rolle (Role) according to the selected IT-System.
After selecting the “Rolle” Role in the form - I would like to add (not as a dropdown) the information in the column “Gruppe in CSOD” from the table “Rollen_u_CSOD_Gruppen” according to the selected “Rolle” Role and show in the form.
I tried to change the type of the column “Rolle” in the table “Antraege_IT_Systeme” to REF and then adding the formula "[Rolle].[Gruppe in CSOD]. but the reference in combination with the Dependent Dropdown seems not to work this way.
Any tip for me?

Have you tried LOOKUP()
May be something like
LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Rolle], “Rollen_u_CSOD_Gruppen” , “Rolle” , “Gruppe in CSOD”)


Thanks - it was exactly what I needed to do
Thanks for you great help