Showing ref_rows as a column other than the ID

I have 2 ref tables [client event] and [event detail], one [event detail] can have many [client events]. The automatic de-ref virtual column is as follows:
This nicely shows a list of all related client IDs.
How do I get a similar list of all related client names?
I need it as a virtual column so that I can link this back to my calendar view to show all the clients attending that event on the calendar view.

You could write something like [Related Client Events][Client Name]

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Wow thank you. Appsheet is very intuitive, I didn’t think it would be that simple.

You’re welcome

I am new to Appsheet and even if I can understand some logic with this solution I do not understand where it is implemented. Would it too much asking to provide a little more detail. I have not been able to replay the solution on my side.


You enter Aleksi’s expression into the App Formula of a new Virtual Column.

Thank Marc.

I have just figured that out. The result for me is a paragraph of concatenated strings. Would it be impossible to improve the display so it become something like a list of strings instead?

The result is a List data-type.

Which when directly displayed in the app is seen as a LongText string formatted as

item1 , item2 , item3 , …

with commas delimiting between the List items.

A fairly common way to display such a thing in the app is to replace the commas with newlines. In yet another virtual column enter:

SUBSTITUTE( [1st new column] , “,” , "

Notice the literal linebreak inside of the expression, as the 3rd argument.

Thanks Marc!

With your inspiration I have modified it to
SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE("- “, [Related Commandes][Tâches ID]), “,” , "

Would this be the best it can be done with a LongText string?

How else would you want to display it?

Is it possible to change the layout and content in the scenario below?

It is not really possible to display multiple lines per column in a table view.

I’m not really sure what you’re asking for though.

I am sorry. I did not express my thought clearly.

At the moment, all my table related records are displayed in a table view like shown in my previous post. I like it. Since IDs are usually not relevant end user information, how can I change the columns displayed for these views?

You can change columns and their order from table view’s definition. Option name is “Column order”.

Hi @Aleksi.

Thanks for your reply! It seems very obvious for you. You will certainly feel that I am wasting you time on such a simple thing that I should know.

How can I implement you solution? Where should I go to modify the column order of the “Related Commandes”?

Best regards.

No worries, you are not wasting my time :slight_smile:

You are now in a wrong view. Open the Ref view from the View(0) button so you would be in correct Ref view. When you open it, you will find out that it’s a table view.

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Excellent @Aleksi! Thanks for taking the time!

Would it bother you to have a quick look at this picture [question] and let me know if you any brilliant hint on how to address this situation?

Sorry, I’m not following. I believe I already explained it in my previous post.

Hi @Aleksi.

I am sorry for the confusion. It appears my fancy link ([question]) did not work previously.

Here is the link toward this other scenario I am puzzled with and where your knowledge could be precious.