Showup beside the image added

I have column type YES/NO (X) and I have column type image.
my question is when I add image I want the name (X) of the column showup beside the image added on PDF.

Please how i can achieve this?


We need a little more information about your process and how you are creating the PDF. Please show use some details about what you have so far to better help on where/how to make changes.

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This is some of the information:

S1Q3 : column Yes/No( Are all walkways free of obstructions?)
S1Q4: column long text( Comments)
S1Q5: column drawing image( Image)

My issue is if I add an image it will be in cell image(<<[S1Q5]>> and this messes up the whole margin of the table Please see below.

My goal is to add an image below the form but I need the image to refer to the question name(S1Q3)( Are all walkways free of obstructions?)

The image end of the form but not refer to the name (S1Q3)

Please do you have any idea to achieve this or any other suggestions.

Hi @Mouldi_Zeghouani

  1. You may want to define an image size if you wish to set the image, without having a huge table.

To do so, in the UX/Format Rules, then click on “New Format Rule”
Go to section " Workflow template format", "then “Image format” ==> pick the one you prefer

  1. If that is not what you want to do, you will maybe want to build a table with a separate header.

That is another trick, not easy to manipulate but that can do the job though.
Please see here to do that:

(@WillowMobileSystems contributed a lot to that post, as usual :wink: )

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