Sign in, OneDrive and UserEmail

Three questions…sorry…actually technically is about five questions- 1) If you are using OneDrive for where you are storing your app and data, etc, do users have to have a Microsoft Account to sign in? 2) Right now, I’m in prototype mode and have invited people to test it. Is the email that I used to invite them, the one they have to sign in with (what if it is not the same email they use for their Google or Microsoft account)…and is that email the one that is returned by UserEmail() 3) Is there any other way besides using UserEmail() to have users only see their data?

Nope, so long as your tables are configured for access as app creator:

Typically, you’d send the invite to the email address you’ve configured your app to allow access, and they’ll login with the email you sent the invite to. Also make sure the authentication provider is set suitably for your users.

Please familiarize yourself with the following documents:

USEREMAIL() provides the email they logged into the app with.

Not really. What did you have in mind?

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Thanks for the abundance of great answers and reading materials! This is greatly appreciated. As for your question about what I had in mind for something besides UserEmail, I was thinking about instead of users using their phones for example with their own login that users might share an ipad and one is logged in…I was hoping they wouldn’t have to logout somehow to see just there data…but it sounds like that is all that is available, yes?

Is there a way to capture the machine ID?

Correct. :frowning:

Of the device the app is running on? Not that I know of.

@Bcoley Please test CONTEXT(“Device”) if that could work in your case.

WHOA!!! I’m guessing that’s new?


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NOICE!!! :smiley: