Sign In Problems

Hi! My users are not good with technology, and often have problems signing in. I have provided them with a step/step process of signing in, but they continue to have problems.

There are 3 places that app users randomly go to sometimes when they sign in using microsoft.

  1. App Gallery
  2. The actual app (correct, I wish it did this every time)
  3. The appsheet website (they are actually signed into AppSheet itself, and are brought to a “my Apps” page that allows them to create apps.

Why is this? My app users are getting frustrated because I am telling them one thing, but they are experiencing another.

I beleive that sometimes, when a user signs in w/ microsoft, and then next time the user has to sign in, they click microsoft, and it brings them to a page with accounts that they have logged in with.

If the user clicks the account, this is usually when the error happens, but if the user waits 3 seconds, it skips this page, and goes right to the app. This does not seem very intuitive to make the user wait 3 seconds when it seems so natural to click the account you would like to sign in with. Can it please be one or the other, where either it is fully automatic, and the user doesn’t have to deal with that 2nd screen, or where it doesn’t go automatically, only after the user clicks his account, and it goes to the correct place? Thanks!