Sign in to AppSheet with Code

There is AppSheet data that I would like to be able to access with programs that I write. An example is a list of users for all of the apps in my catalog. I can reverse-engineer the web service calls that are being made, but I have had trouble getting a valid authentication token to act as a signed-in user. I realize that the web services are not supported and can change at any time. Not a problem.

Any tips on signing in with C#? AppSheet probably uses some sort of standardized federated security, so there might be some articles on the Internet with all of this information.

As far as I have understood, there is no token auth facility to login as an AppSheet app user using API calls. You may be able to do something with browser automation with for e.g. toolkits such as puppeteer.

When editing an app in the AppSheet editor, it will almost certainly submit some kind of authorization information each time it calls the server, right? I am looking for a way to authenticate with Microsoft in C# (or python or whatever) and create web requests to access the API.