Signature on Workflow report

Hi community,
I have an inspection workflow rule which generate a report when an inspection is finished.
The workflow condition is AND([Status]=“Closed”, [Signature]<>"")
This works correctly but the report is generated with a blank instead of the image of the Signature.

If I force a 2nd time, the image of the signature is on the report…

Is there any problem of delay because it is an Image
Here below the 2 results

When the normal Workflow send the report

When I force a 2nd time

Is it possible that these signatures are coming from a child record and you trigger the Workflow from parent record?

Hi @Aleksi
Actually not.
It works like this :
I have a table Convocation and another one called remarks
All remarks are child records of convocations.
When a convocation is finished, I have a action button which set [Status] =Close and open a form to add a signature on the Convocation row.
When form is saved the workflow is executed because all conditions are true (AND([Status]=“Closed”, [Signature]<>""))

In the report I have data from Convocation (Date/Location/Name/Signature) and from the table remarks with a start expression to display all remarks concerned by the Convocation.

Everything works well exepted the signature which not appears. The Signature appears on the report if I click a second time on the action button
All data are on GoogleDrive

When I synchronize the app and have a look on GoogleSheet, I see there is a little delay on column Signature (Status appear Closed then after Signature is filled). Is this cause this problem on report? I don’t think because the workflow is executed even if I don’t click on he Sync Button.

It sounds that your workflow is triggered when you update the record with the Status change. At that point you don’t have the signature yet. Try to add a condition rule like…

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It Works perectly, Thanks!
I still not understand why the report is triggered with the previous condition when status changed without Signature but your solution is working.
Thanks !!

If the Signature field is blank, this part [Signature]<>"" is actually TRUE. This is a special case where the evaluation is like blank <> blank which is always TRUE.

ok, now I understood the diffecence between <>"" and ISNOTBLANK().
Improving every day
Thanks for feed back! :+1:

You’re welcome