Signing in a Signature Field Scrolls the Page with Edge Browser

I have a client who uses my application on a Microsoft Surface tablet using the Edge browser. When they try to sign a form, the entire page scrolls and leaves a single dot where the signature was started. Trying again adds another dot and scrolls the page again. A very quick flick of the finger will produce a short line before scrolling begins again. This makes it impossible for him to collect a signature on the form and makes it useless to him.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there a workaround?

@Gil Any thoughts?

One immediate workaround is to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge.

@Jeff_Schmitz can you tell me what version of Edge your client is using? Microsoft just released a major update so it matters if this is the old Edge or the new Edge.

Yeah, the Chromium version of Edge works with everything (because its still Chrome underneath), but I like it better than regular Chrome. It’s somehow not as memory hungry.

@gmoothart & @Bahbus Thanks for the suggestions. The client is not very technically adept, so getting a version probably won’t be possible until I can work with his device in person. In the meantime, I’ll have him install chrome and give that a try. Thanks for the help!

@Jeff_Schmitz you’re welcome. If it is less intrusive, you could ask him to try upgrading Edge first. My hunch is that he’s on the older version.