Signing in with qr code on Chromebook devices

greetings to all
How can we make the users that we created on the Google Workspace side sign in with qr code on their Chromebook devices with the appsheet. Thanks

Can you elaborate on that a bit more? Do you want to use Appsheet to hold the QR codes to login to these chromebooks or login to Appsheet with a QR code?

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Hello again,
In fact, we thought that such a method would be good, since the chromebook devices we distributed to our Kindergarten students could not type their passwords.

We want them to login with qr code with appsheet help.

So you definitely could store a list of images that are the QR codes in Appsheet and associate them with a student and class very simply. Could be as simple as a table of names, classes, QR codes.

(I’m assuming what you want is a teacher to have an appsheet app and walk around and scan the QR code as they hand out chromebooks)

AppSheet has no control over how users log into their ChromeBook–the login process occurs entirely outside AppSheet.

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I think you should investigate a company called Clever

They make a free product specifically for your use case and I use it myself at my other job as an IT Admin at a special school.

Go to

Like I said, it’s free to schools and works great!