Simeultaneous Behavior Presses on Same Column by 2 Users

Suppose I have one row with a column of EnumList type. Currently the column’s value is {A,B,C}. It has a Behavior which adds “D” to the List, so when User 1 presses the button on their device, the column changes to {A,B,C,D}. Let’s make D a User-dependent value D1, so the final list would be {A,B,C,D1}

But what if after User 1 does their thing, User 2 on another device presses the button 5 seconds later? Would the final result be {A,B,C,D1,D2} or {A,B,C,D2} ?

Each user has a copy of the data. Any changes made by one user (A) aren’t seen by another (B) until user (A) syncs and then user (B) syncs.


So the final result would be:

  • {A,B,C,D1} from user 1; and
  • {A,B,C,D1} from user 2.

With user 2 winning the data overwrite war because they were the last to edit the field.


Thanks. So I guess the solution here, if I wanted a list {A,B,C,D1,D2} to come out of this, I would have to make a new table with rows referenced to rows in the original table.