Simple action : Back to previous view

It is possible that the community member previously requested or not, possible duplicate, apoligize.

The return to previous view and action button is natively placed at the upper left corner. I just want to clone the same action and place to other place, like display overlay, prominently etc.

Anytime we move to the previous page (on browser), we need to move cursor for long distance to hit this button. If we have another one (optionally) at the bottom right corner and/or at header of detail view, it will make the navigation / view change little more easier.
Yes, we can make action button with deeplinks, but it is painful to create for each different view. Just simple action setting, (action to go back to previous view). Terms of “previous view” is based on the users actual navigation over the apps.

Thank you.



That’s really a great feature. It will help us in many ways. Also, placing actions on the menu on top right would be the 2 upgrades that will help developers soo much. :slight_smile:

im developping app everyday and using app as well.
Travelling cursor from anywhere to upper left conrner to navigate, which is putting my wrist at a risk of Tenosynovitis.
Long travelling all the time with my mouse.


Yes you are correct. When it comes to this feature. It’s really helpful. We can set few grouped actions

For ex: tracking each person who opens a record. The app will record the time he entered. When the person clicks to go back. The action triggers and end time is updated. That way we can track duration. Possibilities are more with this feature.


Yes, I agree with you.
Will expand more possibility. Yes, we can capture who visit the views, and when etc, easily capture the logs as well.