Simple as SPLIT() with , " "?


I have a date time field ([Loading Date / Time]) which pre-populated into my g.sheet from another source (copy and paste).

The text within the field look like this: “09.09.2019 02:00”
I am trying to split the data where there is a space which is inbetween the date: “09.09.2019” and the time “02:00”.

One VC is my goal which will show “09.09.2019” but I am struggling with this one.

How would I write the logic?
I have tried the below but cannot get the outcome I am hoping for.

index(split([Loading Date / Time]," "),1) the answer that returns from this is: “Mon”

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Chris_Jeal,

Does it help to have the following expression in your VC

DATE(LEFT([Loading Date / Time],FIND(" ",[Loading Date / Time])))

VC is presumed to be of date type column.

INDEX(LIST(“Sun”, “Mon”, “Tue”, “Wed”, “Thu”, “Fri”, “Sat”), WEEKDAY(DATE(LEFT([Loading Date / Time],FIND(" ",[Loading Date / Time])))))

Without checking, assuming Suvrutt’s code works perfectly, adding on to the weekday and index functions should get it to the “Mon” display that you are looking for.

Edit, sorry, I misread. @Steve below put all that is needed. I thought you wanted it to say “Mon”.
DATE([Loading Date / Time]) will parse just the date part out. Similarly, TIME([Loading Date / Time]) will parse out just the time if you ever need it.

DATE([Loading Date / Time])

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Thanks for your help with this.
@Steve thanks for the solution, works perfectly.