Simple Gantt View

The calendar view type is useful. It would be more useful if, in addition to the existing month format, a Gantt format could display events as one bar over weeks and months. If a calendar event starts in one week and ends 5 weeks later, the week option must be scrolled over the period. The month calendar view does not work for the type of Gantt view I need.

In the proposed Gantt View, the time of day detail would not be needed.

At one point many months ago, I understood that a Gantt view was on your roadmap. Is that still the case? Any target date?

A similar comment was added here as well:

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This feature request pretty much has the most votes…

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I have temporarily solved this issue for a client by using Google Charting and Cloud Functions linked to an action button. FYI, this is what the Gantt looks like when the action button is clicked (the last part of the URL is the Unique ID of the project assigned in the app):


That’s cool. I’ve seen it handled through charts before. This looks pretty good.